Chinese Grand Prix – Shanghai

chn_Z4_01 chn_Z4_02

Shanghai international Circuit, home of the Chinese Grand Prix.

The signature 270 degree turn still give me troubles until now.

A few visual upgrades compared to my previous tracks, is visible on the tarmac and grass. although it’s not perfect yet, but i’m quite happy with this improvements.

One thing that still missing from my tracks is 3D grass. I do know how to add them, and make them visible only to high and ultra setting. Yet somehow i’m still hesitate to put them into the environment. Perhaps because I prefer fps more than eye candy, even if it’s just 10 frames different.

I believe i can still improve even more, especially with new stocks of high resolution textures. Perhaps its time to think about updating my older tracks…


Anyway, this is a great circuit, and a great addition for you who already got the GP2 mod ;)


(Link removed. Updated version available)

Shanghai International Circuit v.1.0

5 responses to “Chinese Grand Prix – Shanghai

  1. great track My favorite track lol

    but your track is too heavy in multiplay… overwork cpu..

    and would you modify track suface the Korean international circuit?

    suface of yeongAm circuit dosen’t seem asphalt. too sizzling

    please modify like shanghai curcuit


  2. Hmmm.. too heavy for multiplayer, is it? This is actually what i’m worried about when i said i prefer fps than visual candy :(
    and my tracks is not even up to kunos standard yet..
    Did you tried lower the setting to see if it helps?

    and yes, i will update my older tracks with new textures :)


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