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These are all My personal collection of assetto corsa mod

all these mods are free to share, I don’t need to take credits whatsoever. Share the download link, or upload your own links, it’s up to you.

You can leave a comment if you found a bug, i will take a look at it.

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Circuit Gilles Villeneuve – Montreal, Canada



Circuit Gilles Villeneuve v.1.0


After a little detour, now we’re back on track – literally :P

The 7th Grand Prix of F1 2013 season, the Canadian Grand Prix.

Some scenery will only appear on high, very high, and maximum setting respectively.


By the way, do you guys know what the dark part of a track is called? Well the devs call it ‘groove’. I don’t know if it’s actually called that.

If you guys noticed, since the game update 0.22.6, the groove is no longer visible on the rear mirror. Which is good, because it reduce GPU load. But the thing is, we have to assign the correct ID for the groove. The update came just in time before I posted the catalunya, so I can adjust the track accordingly. So if you guys look at the rear mirror, the groove on Catalunya, Valencia, and Montreal is no longer visible ;)

Unfortunately for the tracks that came before it, the groove will still be visible on the rear mirror. Good thing that it’s not actually a crucial issue, as we don’t really have problems because of it. But squeezing every bit of GPU load capacity is quite precious for a track :P


So the next one should be Silverstone. But why in the world would I make Silverstone mod? :D  I’m planning to make a replacement for it, and this one should be interesting. Expect one of the most wanted track for Assetto Corsa guys ;)

Valencia Street Circuit – Valencia, Spain

From Barcelona, let’s take a detour to Valencia

valencia_01 valencia_02

Valencia Street Circuit v.1.0

Why Valencia?

Well, in the 2013 F1 calendar, the next GP after the Catalunya was supposed to be the Monaco. But I already did the Monaco, so the next one should be the Canadian Grand Prix, Circuit Gilles Villeneuve at Montreal.

Then while I was working on the Montreal, I was thinking, why don’t I just make a replacement track mod for the Monaco?

My choice goes to Valencia Street Circuit from the 2012 season, since it’s seems like an interesting circuit, and it’s also a street circuit, just like the monaco.

So here it is, I hope you guys like it as I do ;)

By the way, are you guys using 3rd party graphic plugins? Or how was your graphic setting on the effect preset? I was curious because I watch a few videos on Youtube,  replays with one of my tracks, and the color seems very different from what I see when I am playing. but the track is definitely one of my track mod.

Well I guess it’s personal taste, whichever setting that look best on you.

Personally, I like to tone down the saturation a bit, around 75% – 80%. I feel it’s more realistic, as the real world don’t really have many vibrant colors as wee see in the movies or magazines. I recommend the sweetFX plugin to enhanced the graphic, and there’s also natural look add-on for AC which alter your global illumination setting. But then again, I guess it’s all back to our personal taste.

Or do you have any recommendation for graphic plugin? I’d like to try them if you know something else that I haven’t tried :)

Have a blasting weekend everyone, and for those who were expecting Circuit Gilles Villeneuve, please don’t be disappointed :P .


Circuit de Catalunya – Barcelona, Spain

Welcome to the Catalan :)



Circuit de Catalunya v.1.0


Yesterday, I tried to take it up a notch by adding 3D grass into the mod.

Turns out it’s not as simple as I thought lol :P

After spending a few hours meddling with the grasses, my experiment ended up as total failure :D . So, no 3D grass this time guys. I’m gonna have to experiment some more to bring them into a mod without affecting the performance.


By the way, did you guys notice that since the monaco v.1.1, I never put the spawn point inside the garage anymore?

I did that for two reasons.

First, i don’t think it’s  worth it to add extra 80k polygons around the pitlane

Second and the main reason, although starting from inside the garage looks cool, I was anticipating future update when we’re gonna have career mode. There’s a good chance that we’re going to have endurance race or grand prix where we have to change tires and refuel during the race. And I don’t think we can do that INSIDE the garage :D

So I’m gonna follow what the devs do. Place the pit and spawn point outside the garage.

And  even though some circuits have plenty of garage, we can’t have as many pitboxes as the garages. I tried that before, placing the pits in front of each garage. The result, the cars were so close together that it literally looks like parallel parking than a pit stop :D

I laughed so hard as the AI struggling to get out of their ‘parking slot’ during practice session


Well I hope you guys enjoy the new track, and have a great weekend!  (yes, I know today is thursday, but my mind is already set on weekend :P )

Bahrain International Circuit – Sakhir, Bahrain

It’s weekend, and it’s time for a new Grand Prix :)

bahrain GP_01bahrain GP_02


Bahrain International Circuit v.1.0


With my workflow begin to settle now, I think the time I need to make a new mod is getting shorter. Well this is good, because actually I have around 120 tracks in my list that I want to make lol.

And speaking of track list, is there any of you who can tell me where or how to get Gran Turismo’s track data? Because I’m dying to get those tracks into AC. I sold my PS console a long time ago, and it’s difficult if I’m limited to videos for references :|


Have a good weekend guys! Enjoy the hot sun of Sakhir :P


……I heard the weather is nice these days at Spain…

[Update] Shanghai International Circuit v.1.0

The 3rd Grand Prix of the 2013 season: The Chinese grand Prix



Shanghai International Circuit v.1.0


Change log


- Reworked textures and shaders

- Optimized Objects groups

- Optimized Physics

- Improved overall performance

- Fixed known bugs


Well since the Chinese GP is the 3rd in the 2013 calendar, i thought i might as well update it rather than releasing new track mod. If i just skip it, it doesn’t feel right. Like I said a few post earlier, I owe myself and anyone who is using my mod an updated version of my tracks :P

In short, this track just got visual and performance upgrade. I believe it is much more enjoyable now ;)


Now, I want to discuss some more regarding the trending topic in my blog lately; optimization (this should be the last of it, just bear with me lol)

so how do we know if a track has been optimized or not? well the easiest way is through the render stat app, built in in the game. Let me show you a few example:

stat_tracks original

This is the stat of 4 original tracks from the game. (I forgot to to turn off the Vsync, so the fps is capped to 60. Usually it goes around 100-120)

FT: time for each frame to be rendered (in milliseconds)
DIP : number of draw calls
TRI : total number of triangles
B.Size : average size of each drawcall
Scene : triangle on scene (after culling)
CPU : cpu time
OCC : cpu occupancy

The FPS, FT, CPU, and OCC may differ depend on PC spec, but the rest should be the same. We will use these as the benchmark of well-optimized tracks (assuming kunos is good at optimizing :P )

From what I saw from original tracks, DIP is varied , range between 600 – 1300. B.Size range around 1000-1800. Both are the parameters that affect the load of GPU and Vram.

OCC range between 1.9 – 2.7, but can go as high as 3.6 at few spots. From my experiment, CPU occupancy mainly comes from physics calculations.

TRI as the total number of triangles will vary depend on the circuit. My mods for example, mostly has higher TRI because there are more scenery around the track. This obviously will cause slightly lower FPS because of heavier load of GPU :/


Anyway, let’s take a look at some track mods, including 2 of mine:

stat_tracks mod

most mod that i know of have significantly higher DIP and lower B.Size.This means the objects inside the track model are ‘scattered’ in small pieces.

Imagine if we have to put together a puzzle with its pieces mixed inside a box. Compared to putting together puzzle pieces that has already been grouped and arranged on the table.

This is the situation that the GPU faced with non-optimized tracks. They have to work harder, and therefore result in lower FPS or even FPS drops.

Then if we take a look at the OCC number, all those track mods usually have much higher CPU occupancy. The reason is the same as above; Scattered and disorganized model.

But we can see interesting samples from Trial Mountain and Donington Park. Their DIP and B.Size are in the average range of kunos’s tracks, but the OCC is almost 3 times higher. This happens because physics are calculated differently, and that’s why we need different method to optimize the physics.


Next, is the comparison before and after a track has been optimized;

stat_tracks shanghai

We can see huge difference between these two. Although the DIP is still a bit higher, yet it’s already in the normal range. And the OCC is also inside average range of Kunos’s tracks. I suppose we can safely say that this track is optimized now ;)

When I was updating the shanghai circuit, i run a little experiment to understand more about physics calculation. Then I play around a bit with it;

stat_tracks bahrain

It can actually goes as low as 1.1 :D


All and all, I’m still learning, and I’m sure there are a lot of people who mastered this technique far better than I am. So I could be wrong, obviously :D

I just want to say that this whole thing about optimizing is very interesting for me. And I believe it’s important for all modders to understand, so they can make a good track mod that we can all enjoy

Aaaand so I guess that’s it guys. I’m done talking about this. I won’t be bothering you anymore with random talk about optimizing from now. It’s a wrap! :P


Oh and one more thing, the last screenshot is from Bahrain GP Circuit. It’s in testing and tuning stage right now. so expect it to come out soon ;)



Sepang International Circuit – Sepang, Malaysia

2nd Grand Prix in F1 2013 calendar; Sepang

sepang_preview01 sepang_preview02 sepang_preview03


Sepang International Circuit v.1.0


Last week when I updated the monaco v.1.1, I said that it was the most optimized configuration i can do at the moment.

Today, I believe I can do better :P

As I look deeper into the game engine, I learned further on how to optimize cpu usage, VRAM, draw calls, etc. I haven’t implemented that in Melbourne, but I tried to implement the new method on this Sepang circuit. Although it’s still a bit messy because it changes the workflow and hierarchy, but I think the result is pretty good. It’s not perfect yet, but in time, it will get better (I hope lol).

Actually, I really need feedback on how my track mod perform. Is my method really working? Do you have FPS drops? or anything like that. So if you experienced these kind of issue, please leave a comment so perhaps I can improve the mod. Although keep in mind that random stuttering can also comes from the game engine (Lots of people still reporting in the forum).


Anyway, It will probably take more time than usual for me to make the next track mod. I got project deadlines incoming (I have work too you know :P ).

So, until next time, race hard, race safe,

See you in Shanghai (again)

Albert Park Circuit – Melbourne, Australia

Many thanks to my friend abulzz who made this video;


As I said in my previous post, Melbourne ;)


Albert Park Circuit v.1.0


All my track mods so far have GP liveries, including this one. But as i look at other tracks, including Kunos’s, I’m thinking of just ditching all those sponsor boards :/

First, they always gave the graphic glitch if they are placed very close to a wall. And second, they eat RAM and cpu too. Third, it’s a pain to optimize because there’s just so many of them lol.

So if kunos don’t use them, why should I? :P


For this track, I remodeled it with optimization in mind. And by looking at the render stats app, I think it works quite well. The stats already looks similar to kunos’s tracks, so I hope we won’t have any performance issues from now on :)

And another thing I want to mention, is the track’s shader. After monaco, I experiment some more with the shader settings. Personally, I think it looks even better now, getting closer to that of Kunos standard ;)


Enjoy the walk in the park!